Olympia Corse 15" Gravel Wheel - Mitsubishi Evolution 7-8-9-10

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OlympiaCorse is the alloy wheel for gravel rally in light aluminum alloy, available with a strength/weight ratio at the top of its class.
The design has been accurately studied in order to have the material only where necessary, removing any needless detail: technology and essentiality for maximum performance. The rim contour allows the use of the largest multi-piston brakes, easing the tire mounting.

OlympiaCorse is available in the 15″ version, conceived exclusively for the heaviest duty on gravel rally and allows unique lightness, thanks to its style optimized with the finite element calculation.

Available standard in white or in gold, anthracite or matte black. We can also supply many other fitments. Contact us direct for any special requests.

Mitsubishi – 5 x 114.3, CB 67.1