Contact/About/Shipping Policies

For any inquiries please email us at or use the form below, and we will reply promptly.  Due to excessive spam, we are no longer publishing our shop phone number but if you need to talk to someone directly, send an email with your phone number and we will call you back!

3224 Kingsley Way
Madison, WI 53713

About Us:
Rally.Build was founded in 2014 by Grant Hughes, Scott McCarty, and Ryan McLaughlin with the goal of growing motorsports by offering quality products, fabrication services, and event support.  The original founders had a long and storied history with rally and other motorsports in the Colorado area, and their efforts to revive the rally scene in the Rocky Mountain region were rewarded in 2017 with the revival of a new stage rally based in Rangely, CO.  Rally Colorado was an overwhelming success with a very successful number of entries, and it is a popular and ever-growing event to this day!

In August 2022, the company was acquired by Flying Finish RallySport LLC, a partnership between Madison, WI based competitors Gabe Jacobsohn and Colin Schulz.  Their goals are much the same as the previous owners:  Foster the local rally scene, lower barriers to entry to the sport, and get people on the stages!

Shipping policies:
We maintain moderate inventory at our Wisconsin location but many products are custom ordered and can take up to 6 weeks or longer depending upon production schedules.  Custom wheels in a non-standard fitment typically require a minimum order of 10 wheels and may have a surcharge.  We do offer other fitments not listed on our website.  Contact us for any questions!