Monit G-100+ GPS Rally Computer

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The G100+ GPS rally computer utilizes the state of the art GPS technology and is a great competitor for someone looking for the ease of set up and use in a car. While not offering the full spec of its big brother the G200+, it still has a lot more functions than the Q series model but at an economical price.

It offers two trip counters offering total and interval distances, the latter can be wired onto a remote foot operated switch. It can measure in both kilometers and miles and is very easy to calibrate. It also has a current and maximum speed readouts, as well as a built in stopwatch. But it does not have an average speed display making it ideal for some classic car rallies which have banned this function.

The large display offers two functions on the screen at any one time, allowing you to change the display as it suits the user. As with all Monit computers, you get a compact and lightweight size unit which is reliable and user friendly.

There is a choice of antennas to choose from? One is a magnetic roof mount, or there is a dash mount for fitment at the base of the windscreen (please note: if you have a electrically heated windscreen this can affect satellite signals on using the latter).

Also available as an extra is a recce kit, this allowing the fitment of the unit with a suction mount to the windscreen or window, and also a wiring kit giving you a reset button and a cigarette lighter power connection.

Functions in the G-100+:
GPS+ or Wheel Probe Operation (Antenna required for GPS+ use)
Total Distance Counter
Interval Distance Counter
Current Speed
Maximum Speed
0-100kph performance timer
2 Auxiliary Inputs

Feature Q-10 Q-20 G-100+ G-200+
GPS Operation (Antenna Required)     GPS+ GPS+
Wheel Speed Sensor Operation WSS WSS or WSS or WSS
Total Distance (5-digit) x x x x
Interval Distance (5-digit) x x x x
Current Speed   x x x
Average Speed   x   x
Maximum Speed     x x
Stopwatch     x x
Fuel Gauge       x
Time of Day       x
Overspeed Alarm       x
Special Stage Recorder       x
Vehicle Performance Timers     x x
Programmable Foot Resets 1x 1x 2x 2x
Operation in Miles or Kms x x x x