Mazda Porterfield High Performance Brake Pads

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AP332 R4-E

REAR for MAZDA: 03-05 Mazda 6, 93-95 RX 7, 86-88 RX 7 (4 Lug, 5 Lug, Turbo), 89-92 RX 7 w/Solid Rear Disc, 89-92 RX 7 w/Vented Rear Disc, 03 Protege Mazdaspeed, 84-85 RX 7 GSL-SE

R-4 – Our original road racing compound that is very rotor friendly and easy to modulate, has medium friction with a 0-1400 temp range. Optimum temp range for this pad is 450F – 1200F.

R4-E – The Endurance compound has a slightly lower friction than the R-4 but is designed to wear longer for enduro races(4-6HOURS). Characteristics are much the same as the R-4. 

R4-S – The performance street pad, this pad offers the least dust and squeal of any of the street pads we carry. It is very rotor friendly and will last as long as your stock pad but typically they last a little bit longer.