LR-1000 Beacon (9240 Lumens)

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What's in the box?

  • x1 LR-1000 Beacon LED Light
  • x2 Centre Mount (1114K)
  • x1 Installation Instructions

The iconic LR-1000, is now offered with integrated amber flashing beacon function. Incorporating 16 different forward-facing flash patterns, the additional safety functionality within the lamp, combines with the possibility to connect a white or amber backlight function, as well as the exceptional high beam light function to really set the LR-1000 apart from the competition.

The LR-1000 is a high-performance LED light that delivers a spot beam pattern well suited for either off-road or on-road use. Recent styling updates to the LR Series have resulted in a clean contemporary design, with a more aggressive edge, to match the aesthetic design prevalent on modern vehicles. Boasting 9,240 lumen, and delivering 1 lux to 612m, the auxiliary LED light provides improved left/right spread of light without compromising the up/down spread which ensures suitability of the lights to a wide array of vehicles, including where the lights are mounted high on the vehicle.

Included within the lamp is the option to connect an integrated Backlight function, for when the requirement is for a light installation that gets noticed as much during the day as at night. There is the possibility to connect white or amber colored backlights, simply by inserting the corresponding wire into the lamp connector at the point of installation, or leave both disconnected to have your LR-1000 act as a LED light only.

There are 16 different amber warning light patterns which can be selected and synchronized (between multiple lamps), at the point of installation, or using a momentary switch where the requirement is to change the flash pattern on demand. Examples of the different flash patterns can be seen in the Videos section.

Like all Triple-R Lights products, the LR-1000 with Beacon function has been designed and engineered to deliver a powerful driving light with perfectly homogenous beam pattern. The color temperature of the light, at 5000k, is carefully selected to maximize definition of any obstacles ahead, while ensuring a comfortable drive even over prolonged periods of time. Performance is complemented by a superior build quality, borne out of our in-house UK manufacture, and backed up by our comprehensive 5year warranty.