Monit G-200+ GPS Rally Computer

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Designed for professional rally teams, the new G-Series has all
the features required for serious rallying. And with its integrated GPS+ receiver, getting started has never been easier.

Advanced GPS+ technology.
A high sensitivity GPS receiver provides accurate distance and speed measurements without the installation difficulties associated with a traditional wheel speed sensor. (Antenna required for GPS+ use)

Easy-to-use graphical user interface.
No more confusing abbreviations or complicated button sequences, just simple operation in plain English, French, Spanish or Italian.

Powerful features at your fingertips.
With a built-in stopwatch, clock, fuel gauge and performance timers, the G-Series is packed with the features you need for serious competition.
Includes rolling average speed for TSD and speed trial events.
Stage Recorder feature will record stage time, average speed, top speed, and distance.

See for more info on GPS functionality.

Feature Q-10 Q-20 G-100+ G-200+
GPS Operation (Antenna Required)     GPS+ GPS+
Wheel Speed Sensor Operation WSS WSS or WSS or WSS
Total Distance (5-digit) x x x x
Interval Distance (5-digit) x x x x
Current Speed   x x x
Average Speed   x   x
Maximum Speed     x x
Stopwatch     x x
Fuel Gauge       x
Time of Day       x
Overspeed Alarm       x
Special Stage Recorder       x
Vehicle Performance Timers     x x
Programmable Foot Resets 1x 1x 2x 2x
Operation in Miles or Kms x x x x