Four Lamp Wiring Kit with Splice (2-Pin, Superseal, 12V)

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The ideal solution for wiring four low power Triple-R LED lights, most commonly on pick-up trucks where the requirement is for 2x lights at the front of the vehicle, and 2x lights on the roof/sports bar. The setup is quick, easy, and reliable with 2-pin superseal connection and no configuration procedures. The kit features a 12V relay, 35A fuse, a battery terminal at one end, and 1.5m and 6.5m of flex on the lamp cables, and allows for the operation of Triple-R products in parallel with the standard high beam driving lights on your vehicle.

All Triple-R lights are sold with a pre-wired female connector attached to the male connector of the lamp harness, to facilitate wiring in to your vehicle system.

Compatible with:

  • LR-750 Elite
  • LR-850 Elite
  • LR-1000 Elite
  • Linear-6 Elite

 Only suitable for two LR-1000 / Linear-12 Elite and two LR-750 / ST4 / Linear-6 Elite. Not suitable for LR-1250 / Linear-18 Elite.