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ARA Appearance Packages

 Please note:  Refresh level packages and higher come with your car number printed directly on the vinyl.  As such, these are made to order and currently incur 1-2 week lead times.  We are investing in equipment to shorten this substantially and appreciate your patience!  Free package requests (see below) are printed rally-by-rally.  Please check for the status of your free package request!

Updated for the 2023 season!  Want to print your own?  Vector files, font standards, colors, and guidelines are available here: 2023_ARA_Graphics

REMINDER:   2023 ARA competition license holders are entitled to one free Refresh level appearance package!  Everything you need to handle the sponsor change.  Please send an email with your license number to or fill out the request form linked below to secure yours.  Free packages must be requested at least three weeks before subsequent events for shipping.  Rally pickup is also available – requests must be made no later than two weeks before your event.  Shipping requests outside the US may incur charges.

Request form link

Every package includes the door backers for driver and passenger side, a Green APU rear bumper sticker, and a windshield header banner.  Enter requested names, numbers, flags or other relevant information in the note field.  USA, Canada, and Ireland flags available standard.  Custom flags available for $5 per pair, with extra lead time.  Names will be printed as requested.  Note that the standard ARA naming convention is first initial + last name, all caps.  Ie. H. KROLIKOWSKI

Basic - Door backers, windshield header, and rear bumper sticker.  No names, flags or numbers.
Refresh - Basic package, plus all required car numbers (backer, header, side windows) No names or flags.
Premium - Refresh package, plus driver/co-driver names and flags.
Complete - Premium package, plus sticker sheet containing one first aid, two fire extinguisher, two tow arrows and three power cut-off stickers.