ARA Number Backer Packages

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ARA Appearance Packages.
Every package includes the door backers for driver and passenger side and a windshield header banner.  Enter requested names, numbers, flags or other relevant information in the note field.  USA, Canada, and Ireland flags available standard.  We will try to accommodate other flag requests if possible but you may have to source flags yourself.  Names will be printed as requested.  Note that the standard ARA naming convention is first initial + last name.  Ie. H. Krolikowski

Basic - Door backers and headers.  No names or numbers
Refresh - Basic package plus all required car numbers (backer, header, side windows)
Premium - Refresh package plus driver/codriver names and flags
Complete - Premium package plus sticker sheet containing one first aid, two fire extinguisher, two tow arrows and three power cutoff stickers.