ARA Number Backer Packages

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ARA Appearance Packages.

Every package includes the door backers for driver and passenger side and a windshield header banner.  Enter requested names, numbers, flags or other relevant information in the note field.  USA, Canada, and Ireland flags available standard.  Custom flags available for $5 per pair, with extra lead time.  Names will be printed as requested.  Note that the standard ARA naming convention is first initial + last name.  Ie. H. Krolikowski

Basic - Door backers and headers.  No names, flags or numbers.
Refresh - Basic package plus all required car numbers (backer, header, side windows)
Premium - Refresh package plus driver/codriver names and flags
Complete - Premium package plus sticker sheet containing one first aid, two fire extinguisher, two tow arrows and three power cut-off stickers.