Seal Savers ProSeries Coil Savers

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Rally.Build embroidered Seal Savers only available on 2.0 Sizing.

Always use protection!  SealSavers offer a range of heavy-duty neoprene sleeves tailored specifically for protecting expensive, finish-critical components in offroad motorsport applications.  Their ProSeries Coil Savers are an excellent way to protect your gravel suspension investment (Rally.Build unintentional submersion torture test approved)!  They install in seconds with a full-length velcro clasp, and offer a tapered top to ensure secure fitment without adding more zip-ties to your prep list.


Coil Savers are available in a variety of sizes.  We carry the 1.5 and 2.0 sizes at our Wisconsin location since they fit common gravel suspension setups well.  The 2.0 size is most popular and is a custom version with Rally.Build graphics!  Other sizes are custom ordered, so please allow a few extra days for processing.  Sold in pairs of two.  

Size Chart (Outside Coil Diameter):

1.5: 2.5"-3.5" Coil - Overall Length ~9" 

2.0: 3.5"-4.5" Coil - Overall Length ~13.5" (Custom Rally.Build version!)

2.5: 4.5"-5.5" Coil

3.0: 5.5"-6.5" Coil