Ecliptech Shift-P2 Shift light

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The Shift-P2 is a sophisticated RPM engine gauge, designed to be used in your peripheral vision.

It has been engineered to give you a highly configurable gauge.

The Shift-P2 is simple and intuitive to setup with an interactive display.

How quick does the display register the RPM?

Very very quick! The RPM measurement algorithm does not use the basic pulse counting technique, or basic frequency to voltage converters. The RPM is digitally calculated per pulse! The digital filter algorithm is biased to displaying an increase of RPM quickly and accurately, while also filtering any electrical noise. The exact time is quite dependent on the frequency of the tacho signal. This level of precision and speed is what makes them an ideal visual reference for drag and motorsport racing.  The Shift-P2 is likely more accurate and faster than most tacho gauges.

How bright are the lights?

Each light actually has TWO LEDs. They are quite bright and can be viewed from a wide angle! Even with full sun shining on them, you can still see them clearly. They were designed to be bright enough for use on motorbikes, with a wide viewing angle. The in-built light sensor however does a fantastic job of reducing the brightness when the ambient light drops off, which is adjustable.

Can I have them Flash at just the Shift Point?

Yes! One of the provided display modes will flash all the lights only when you exceed your set RPM point, just like a traditional shift light.  Or you can program a specific display sequence with the Shift-P2+ model.

Can I Turn the display off?

Yes!  Use left or right to cycle the display to “Off” temporarily.  If you are driving your mother-in-law around and need to keep the engine roar down, you can set the lights to default to the “Off” mode at ignition on.  If however your passenger won’t stop talking, press a button and the lights will again let you know where the shift point is.  Warnings are still active when the lights are set to off.

How do I customising the lights display?

The Shift-P2+ model provides the feature to customise the lights display.

You have up to 15 Stages (16 including the first with all lights are off).
You don’t have to use all 15. You can use 5 if you want.
The RPM is equal between all the stages, however you can always (for example) make two consecutive stages identical. That will give a wider gap between lights changing.

The little arrow starts on the stage number. That is the stage you are adjusting. Up/Down to go to the next/previous stage.
Move the arrow to the right once. If you press Up, you toggle this stage between flashing and not flashing. Press down and you turn the stage off, making this stage and all higher ones not used.  This is how to reduce the number of stages used.
Move the arrow to the right again and you are on the first light. Up/Down to change its colour (or turn off, no-colour).
Move the arrow to the other lights and change them too.
Take the arrow back to the left and change to the next stage… and customise this how you want.

Individual light colours available… red, green, blue, amber, yellow, cyan, olive, magenta, white, light green and pink.

How are they mounted?

Both a performance acrylic adhesive foam pad and adehesive backed Velcro (brand) for automotive use are included.  These have excellent resistance to ageing, water, most solvents and UV light. They stick really well to plastic, but not to vinyl (particularly those with protective waxes applied).  Alternative mounting plates may be available in the future.

Can I mounts the lights external?

This is not possible.  They are an internal component in a sophisticated electronics assembly.

Is the Shift-P2 Waterproof?

It is not waterproof.  The Shift-P2 must be mounted behind a windscreen, where it is not subjected to the wind pressure or rain.  Ecliptech may make a waterproof variant in the future.  Please contact us if interested.


The Shift-P2 has a 24 month warranty from date of purchase, return to base. This covers manufactured defects, not damage. If you ever have a problem with one of our products, please contact us!