Linear-24 Elite (18000 Lumens)

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What's in the box?

  • 1x Linear-24 Elite LED Light
  • 1x Anti-Theft Side Mount Kit (1127K)
  • 1x Fitting Instructions

The Linear-24 Elite utilizes a combination of 48x highly efficient 3W LEDs which combine to deliver 18,000 raw lumens, and 1 lux to just under 563m. Impressive considering the lamp weighs 4.4lbs and has power consumption of 188W. Vacuum-metallized high-reflectivity optics are carefully designed and engineered in-house utilizing the latest CAD design and light simulation software, to deliver optimum light distribution in a drive beam pattern (42 degrees spread). The color temperature of the light at 5000K is carefully selected for its natural appearance proven to reduce driver fatigue.

At 28” in length and under 2” in height, the Linear-24 Elite is easy to fit in tight and confined spaces, while the clean design of the Linear range provides for a premium look to impress on any vehicle. Supplied stainless steel side brackets allow flexibility in the mounting location and position, while anti-theft fasteners means the light will stay safe and secure.

Like all Triple-R light bars the Linear range benefits from a comprehensive 5 year warranty, and a lifetime guarantee on the polycarbonate lens. Dynamic control modulation, which regulates the light output considering any extreme environmental and thermal conditions of the lamp, helps protect the electronic components from heat damage, and ensures the light performs as well today as it will in many years’ time.