Monit Accessories – $49.99

Monit Accessories

AC-001 – Spare wiring loom
Use the spare loom if your original loom is lost or damaged, or you want to share a G-Series (or older T-Series) rally computer between two different vehicles


AC-002 – Probe Extension Kit
Use to extend the distance between a wheel speed sensor and the rally computer. The kit includes both a 1m and 2m extension lead.


AC-003 – Foot Reset Switch
This robust foot switch can be used to perform many useful functions such as clearing the counters or controlling the stopwatch.

ac003-Foot Switch_2

AC-004 – Door mount bracket
The aluminium door bracket provides a easy way to mount a Monit rally computer to the door of your vehicle. Suits all models and either left or right hand drive configurations.


AC-005 – Dash mount bracket
This high-quality aluminium bracket is a simple and elegant way to mount a Monit rally computer to the dash board of your vehicle. Suits all models.


AC-006 – Windscreen bracket
The suction mount can be used to temporarily attach a rally computer to the windscreen of a vehicle and is ideal for recce or road survey use. It has a strong suction cup and rigid goose neck to minimise movement when driving over rough terrain. The adaptor plate accepts all rally computers in the Monit range.


AC-007 – Recce Kit (windscreen bracket and cigarette power)
The recce car kit bundles a windscreen suction mount with a custom G-Series wiring loom pre-wired with a cigarette lighter power adaptor and handheld reset switch. When combined with the G-Series’ GPS capabilities, the kit makes temporary installation of a rally computer into any vehicle fast and hassle free. This is ideal for rented or borrowed reconnaissance vehicles where finding a speed signal for a traditional trip meter is not possible.


AC-008 – Overspeed Warning Light