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Carbon Fiber Evo Style Roof Scoop

Carbon Fiber Evo Style Roof Scoop$329.99

Carbon Fiber Lightweight version of Evo Style Roof Scoop. Universal ‘Evo Style’ roof vent constructed from carbon fiber. Features 2 adjustable air vents to direct the airflow to the required area. Ideal for providing additional cockpit ventilation in race or rally cars. Installation:

Fiberglass Evo Style Roof Vent

Fiberglass Evo Style Roof Vent$249.99

Universal ‘Evo Style’ roof vent constructed from lightweight fibreglass. Features 2 adjustable air vents to direct the airflow to the required area. Ideal for providing additional cockpit ventilation in race or rally cars. Installation:

Hydraulic Handbrake

Hydraulic Handbrake$149.99

This is not just another cheap Chinese hydraulic handbrake. Well, it kind of is but it is one of the few we have found with decent geometry to work as intended without destroying master cylinders. Can be used either vertical or horizontal and is easily mounted.

Pop It Vent

Pop It Vent$29.99

The Plastics 4 Performance Pop It Vents are constructed from clear polycarbonate, ensuring noticeable weight reductions with optimum strength. The Pop it Vents have been developed to be used as a dual use item. The Vent rotates a full 360 degree movement ensuring that the item can be used as a scoop or a cockpitnbsp;… [View Details]

Rally Ambition Starter Pack #1

Rally Ambition Starter Pack #1$329.99

Rally starter pack. This will help you get your rally car through scrutineering at a great value! Helmet hammock and spare wheel strap available in black, red, or blue, black and red stocked typically. Our spill kit and first aid kits are developed for CARS, NRS, or Rally America and have been made utilizing ournbsp;… [View Details]

Rally Ambition Starter Pack #2 – First Aid and Spill Kit

Rally Ambition Starter Pack #2 – First Aid and Spill Kit$100

Combo of the First Aid Kit and Rally Spill Kit. Order together and save $10! Free shipping!

Rally First Aid Kit

Rally First Aid Kit$70

Rally spec first aid kit! Contains everything you need for rallying! 1- Seat Belt Cutter 2- 4″ Certi-Gauze Bandage Compress 6- 40″x40″x56″ Triangular Bandage w/ Pins 10- 1g Certi-Sporyn Antibiotic Cream ANSI 10- 1″x2″ PVP Iodine Wipe Ups 1- 3.5″x30″ Wire Splint 24- Asprin Tablets 1- 5″x7″ Cold Pack Certi-Cold Junior 2- 52″x84″ Rescue Blanketnbsp;… [View Details]

Rally Mudflap Kit

Rally Mudflap Kit$79.99

Mud Flap Kits are put together to make life easy for the rally competitor and to give you a saving over purchasing individual material and brackets. This kit contains two pairs of Mud Flaps and 8 Mud Flap Brackets for an amazing Price. The material is designed to be very flexible and durable, but cannbsp;… [View Details]

Rally Spill Kit

Rally Spill Kit$40

Rally approved spill kit! For competition use in Rally America, CARS, and NASA rallysport. Soft sided bag in orange color makes it easy to stash in car and find when in need. Capable of absorbing all the oil when a rod exits your block and ends your rally! Kit contains enough spill absorbency pads, anbsp;… [View Details]

Sparco Flexible Map Light

Sparco Flexible Map Light$59.99

The Sparco LED map lights features a flexible arm and is powered from the vehicles 12 volt supply. Secured in place with a 4 bolt bracket and complete with an on/off switch. 49cm length

TRS Aero Carbon Roof Scoop

TRS Aero Carbon Roof Scoop$449.99

Manufactured in the UK using the latest generation of carbon weave, this product from TRS takes their renowned characteristics of functionality and appearance and injects them into a roof vent. Featuring dual multi directional air vents and a water drain, this product is a must if you require your cockpit ventilated, without the associated issuesnbsp;… [View Details]

TRS Helmet Hammock

TRS Helmet Hammock$59.99

The TRS Helmet Hammock drastically reduces the possiblity of helmet damage between stages by simply attaching to the roll cage, holding the two helmets together, but separate to avoid damage. The Helmet Hammock is manufactured from two material types, with the heavy duty webbing attaching to the roll cage for support, and the lightweight materialnbsp;… [View Details]

TRS Spare Wheel Strap

TRS Spare Wheel Strap$39.99

This high quality TRS Spare Wheel Strap will keep your spare wheel secure in your race/rally car. Each strap has 1″/25mm wide webbing and are available with fixed mounts in either black, red or blue. Red and black typically in stock.