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Monit Accessories

Monit Accessories$49.99

AC-001 – Spare wiring loom Use the spare loom if your original loom is lost or damaged, or you want to share a G-Series (or older T-Series) rally computer between two different vehicles AC-002 – Probe Extension Kit Use to extend the distance between a wheel speed sensor and the rally computer. The kit includesnbsp;… [View Details]

Monit G-100 Rally Computer – GPS

Monit G-100 Rally Computer – GPS$599.99

The G100 GPS rally computer utilises the state of the art GPS technology and is a great competitor for someone looking for the ease of set up and use in a car. While not offering the full spec of its big brother the G200, it still has a lot more functions than the Q seriesnbsp;… [View Details]

Monit G-200 Rally Computer – GPS

Monit G-200 Rally Computer – GPS$719.99

Designed for professional rally teams, the new G-Series has all the features required for serious rallying. And with its integrated GPS+ receiver, getting started has never been easier. Advanced GPS+ technology. A high sensitivity GPS receiver provides accurate distance and speed measurements without the installation difficulties associated with a traditional wheel speed sensor. Easy-to-use graphicalnbsp;… [View Details]

Monit Q-10 Rally Computer

Monit Q-10 Rally Computer$279.99

A new addition to the Monit range of rally computers is the entry level Q10. It offers great value for money with a modern design that almost matches the more expensive models in the range. As an entry level version it has limited functions but has exactly what every co-driver needs and that is twonbsp;… [View Details]

Monit Q-20 Rally Computer

Monit Q-20 Rally Computer$329.99

The Q20 rally computer has all the same features of the Q10 but with the addition of a few extra features. Current speed and average speed monitors are incorporated in the Q20 which can be chopped and changed as it suits the co-driver onto the lower section of the display. The Q20 also allows anbsp;… [View Details]

Monit Speed Sensors

Monit Speed Sensors$49.99

Monit Speed Sensors For Q10 and Q20 computers: PR0001 – Inductive Wheel Probe PR0002- Electronic Interface – use VSS signal PR0003 – ABS Interface – use signal from ABS sensor For G-100 and G-200 GPS Based computers PR0004 – Magnetic Mount PR0005 – Bulkhead Mount | 502: Bad gateway

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