Matching Results: Head and Neck Restraints

Schroth Hans Clips FIA 8858-2010

Schroth Hans Clips FIA 8858-2010$65

The Schroth HANS Clips FIA 8858-2010 have been developed to be installed with FIA 8860-2010 and SNELL 2010 helmets. The HANS Clips offer a semi permanent attachment for HANS tethers to FIA 8860-2010 / SNELL SA2010 helmets providing optimum safety and security. These HANS clips are not compatible and are not approved with earlier Helmetnbsp;… [View Details]

Stand21 Club Series HANS Device

Stand21 Club Series HANS Device$399.99

The Club range of HANS devices from Stand21 are a fantastic value entry level solution for racers lookng for a HANS system on a budget, without compromising safety. The Club range of HANS devices are constructed from a honeycomb thermoplastic which helps to keep the weight down and allows it to pass the FIA testnbsp;… [View Details]