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Magnetic Rallycross Number Plate

Magnetic Rallycross Number Plate$79.99

Set of two magnetic panels with numbers and class.  In standard form, the magnetic backer is white, and the numbers/class are black.  The number plates are made of heavy duty 30 mil magnet stock.   Please enter your vehicle number and class in the Notes box.  Also add any special font requests (free of charge).

Rally Door Backer and Numbers

Rally Door Backer and Numbers$69.99

The required number backer and numbers for Rally America events. The backer is white vinyl, and the black numbers are the correct size and font.  This plate fits between the event banner (top), and the sanctioning body banner (bottom).  Standard and Italic options are pictured, and full custom numbers can also be made. Package includesnbsp;… [View Details]

Single Name & Flag Set

Single Name & Flag Set$24.99

Package includes a set of 2 names and 2 flags.  Perfect for changing co-drivers, and autocross/rallycross applications. Please type first initial and last name in the Notes/Special Instructions box. Sizing and font are Rally America and NASA legal (2 inch tall Helvetica Bold, unless you specify otherwise in the Notes box).

Special Vinyl Order Payment – $25

Special Vinyl Order Payment – $25$25

Payment for special vinyl order.  Please ensure you have contacted first

Window Names & Flags Package (Driver & Co-Driver)

Window Names & Flags Package (Driver & Co-Driver)$49.99

Package includes driver side names, co-driver side names, and four flags. Please type driver and co-driver initial and last name exactly as you would like it to appear in the Notes/Special Instructions box. Sizing and font is Rally America and NASA legal (2″ tall Helvetica Bold, unless you specify otherwise).  Driver side set lists the driver’snbsp;… [View Details]