BMW Dual Master Brake Package – $899.99

BMW Dual Master Brake Package

NOTE: For race and offroad use only! Installation by professionals highly recommended.

This kit contains everything but brake fluid for upgrading your E36 to a dual master pedal box and eliminating the ABS system (side bonus of around 15 pounds of weight savings!)

This kit comes complete with all the parts needed to eliminate the stock brake booster, master cylinder, and ABS pump. Utilizes stock brake lines so no need to run additional lines around the vehicle.
This kit does require removal of brake pedal and a minor modification to the pedal (drill pedal to receive new bushing, recommended to tack weld bushing in place though not required).
The master cylinders are specified based on a stock BMW brake caliper, pad and rotor setup and gives an ideal for gravel 65/35 brake bias with excellent modulation and pedal travel. If any custom brakes are used we will need to calculate an ideal master cylinder size based upon the specifications of your system. Over adjustment of a balance bar to attempt to correct for improperly specified master cylinders can lead to undesired negative effects.
Includes replacement clutch reservoir and mount but will utilize the stock clutch line. Requires drilling and installation of riv-nuts for reservoir mount.
Kit designed to retain stock cable actuated handbrake. Optional hydraulic handbrake kit comes with the a upright hydraulic handbrake, fittings, and lines needed. Method for mounting handbrake is up to customer.
Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for this kit to ship depending upon our current inventory of parts. There are 12 individual parts that come from five different suppliers to put together this kit. We have some of the harder to find parts in stock.
Parts List:
Massive Brakes Dual Master E36 BMW Bracket
Tilton Balance bar, two 75 series master cylinders and remote bias adjuster
Four custom length stainless steel braided fittings
All adapters, fittings and lines required.